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VayCay Operator Portal

The VayCay Operator Portal is your flexible platform for listing all of your tickets. It gives you complete control over pricing, discounts, promotions and bundles.

The integrated sales and marketing dashboard offers you a real-time view of ticket sales and analyses the success of your sales campaigns.

And with VayCay’s unique rewards scheme – VayCay Stars – your customers can redeem their Stars for free tickets your events and attractions at no cost to you.

Operator Portal Features

A simple and intuitive dashboard for all your listings and bookings
Quick and easy setup with all your ticketing options available instantly
Control promotions and discounts with sales and marketing insights

Operator Benefits

  • The quickest and easiest way to list your tickets and promote them to a wide international audience

  • Create, test and schedule promotions, flash sales and special deals with flexible pricing

  • Track the success of your sales and marketing campaigns through a real-time dashboard

  • Get detailed analysis of your ticket sales

  • Take advantage of VayCay’s marketing

  • Gain access to VayCay’s unique customer rewards scheme

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The VayCay App

Users Search by Category or Vibe

Listings include Image Gallery and Video

Users can create and join other Groups

eTickets instantly delivered and shared

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VayCay Stars – Reward Scheme

VayCay’s unique reward scheme is designed to increase bookings by offering generous incentives funded entirely by VayCay. That means more ticket sales at no cost to you!
  • Every ticket booking carries a Star reward value and additional Stars are awarded for family & friends referrals and for reviewing events, activities and attractions
  • VayCay Stars can be redeemed to obtain free tickets for any listing on VayCay

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